A Christmas Story House Tour: Step into a Holiday Classic

a christmas story house

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Cleveland, Ohio, then the A Christmas Story House tour is a must! This iconic house was the backdrop for the classic film “A Christmas Story,” a movie that was a holiday staple when I was a kid. Not only can you explore the house, but you can even interact with everything inside! It’s a total blast for the whole family.

a christmas story house special award
You step into the living room, with “the major reward”–that infamous leg lamp–taking center stage. You can’t miss it; it’s proudly displayed in the front window, just like in the movie!

A Little Bit of History: The Story Behind the House

The A Christmas Story House is located in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood. Built in 1895, the house didnned its movie star status in 1983 when it featured as Ralphie Parker’s home in “A Christmas Story.” The house got a major makeover in 2004 to look just like it did in the film, thanks to superfan Brian Jones. Now it’s a must-see attraction, especially during the holidays.

a christmas story streetview
The house from the movie versus our visit.

A Hands-on Interactive Tour

One of the coolest things about the tour is that it’s super interactive. The guide makes it clear that everything in the house is interactive and encourages you to have fun recreating scenes from the movie. Just remember, no video shooting is allowed. But don’t worry, you can still snap lots of photos!

The Kitchen Experience

The kitchen is where you’ll feel like you’ve truly stepped back in time. It’s set up to look just like the movie, complete with vintage appliances and even the famous turkey that the Bumpus hounds steal! Our youngest son especially loved crawling under the sink to recreate the scene where Randy hides, worried that “the old man is going to kill Ralphie.” Between the iconic props and the interactive elements, the kitchen really brings the magic of “A Christmas Story” to life.

a christmas story kitchen
We couldn’t resist taking photos at the kitchen table, where I did my best “Old Man” impression, newspaper in hand. We had so much fun stepping into the world of this holiday classic.

Relive the “Lifebuoy Soap” Moment: The Bathroom Experience

Ah, the bathroom—home of the infamous “Lifebuoy soap” scene where Ralphie drops the F-bomb. You’ll find the exact replica of that red bar of soap, making it the perfect backdrop for hilarious family photos. I mean, who wouldn’t want to recreate that moment, right? Don’t worry, no one’s actually going to wash your mouth out with soap, but it’s a fun way to feel like you’re a part of the movie!

a christmas story house lifeboy soap
I hope he doesn’t go blind from soap poisoning!
a christmas story house livingroom
Recreating Christmas morning as the “major award” looms in the background

More Than Just a House: Other Attractions

What’s even better? The management owns other properties in the area like the Bumpus House next door, and properties across the street that house the gift shop, cars, and a small museum, which is also a blast to visit. You can even stay overnight at the Bumpus House if you’re a superfan. How cool is that?

Zoom, Zoom: Don’t Forget the Cars!

Love vintage cars? There are also two awesome vehicles to check out: the Old Man’s 1938 Oldsmobile and the fire truck that saved Flick’s tongue from the frozen pole. Neither of them is the original from the movie, but both cars add an extra layer of fun to your visit!

Not the car from the movie, but the same model 1937 Oldsmobile.

We learned that the schoolyard scenes in the movie were actually filmed up in Canada. Even the firetruck that saves Flick’s tongue from the flagpole belongs to the Chippawa Volunteer Fire Fighters’ Association in Niagara Falls, Canada. Funny enough, we were just in Niagara Falls the day before! If we’d known, we totally would’ve stopped by to see it. But hey, the firetruck at the museum is an awesome replica and has some cool hidden details that pay tribute to the movie.

a christmas story house livingroom
Recreating Christmas morning as the “major award” looms in the background

Stock Up on Memories: The Gift Shop

Before you leave, make sure you visit the gift shop. It’s packed with unique souvenirs like the infamous leg lamp and other memorabilia. You’ll find something for everyone in the family, and maybe even some holiday gifts.

a christmas story gift shop
a Christmas Story gift shop.

Time Spent: Quick and Sweet

The museum only takes 10 to 20 minutes to explore, which is perfect because, let’s be real, kids can get bored fast. Our youngest, who was eleven at the time, started to get bored just before we were ready to go. So, it’s a quick but super fun outing for the whole family.

a christmas story house museum
The museum is a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes goodies and original props from the movie. It’s a quick visit, taking just 10 to 20 minutes, but it’s jam-packed with cool stuff that’ll make you feel like you’re part of film history.

Tips A Christmas Story tour

  • Make sure your travelers have seen the movie! We were surprised that our youngest two boys had not seen the movie in its entirety (or were too young to remember). Digitally available to rent or own (A Christmas Story)
  • It is extremely busy during the Christmas season. We visited during a weekday in July, so it was busy but not crowded.
  • Unless it is crowded, don’t follow the guys flagging you down into the paid parking spots. There is plenty of free parking along the curbs.
  • Known discounts:  10% AAA
  • Google Maps: A Christmas Story House, Cleveland Ohio
  • Visit their website for updates: A Christmas Story House

So there you have it! A Christmas Story House tour is one of the most unique things to do in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether you’re a big fan of the movie or just looking for a fun, family-friendly activity, this place is sure to bring a smile to your face.

About our
rating of A Christmas Story House
We gave the tour 4 stars because it nailed the details and let us interact with props, making it super fun. Everything from the leg lamp in the living room to the Lifebuoy soap in the bathroom was spot-on. But no video recording allowed and a front-yard fence messed with our photos, so it wasn't quite perfect.