Pamagirri Cultural Center

pamagirri didgeridoo

As part of our visit to RainForeStation, we purchased the Big Nature Package for the Pamagirri Cultural Center. The package included boomerang, didgeridoo, spear throwing demonstrations, and theĀ Pamagirri Aboriginal Dance Performance.

RainForeStation boomerang
Our Pamagirri guide teaching the proper boomerang throw
pamagirri didgeridoo
Pamagirri demonstrating the didgeridoo
pamagirri spear throwing action
pamagirri demonstrating spear throwing
pamagirri dance performance
Pamagirri dance performance

The setting for the dance performance was not ideal. The narrator didn’t have a microphone and a large portion of the over capacity audience was speaking loudly to each other.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. However, I wish he had more time throwing boomerangs, the performance had better production, and it didn’t feel so rushed.

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