Curtain Fig Tree

curtain fig tree

The heritage-listed Curtain Fig Tree is located on Curtain Fig Tree Road near Yungaburra. It is a top attraction in Atherton Tablelands and is worth stopping to see this majestic giant.

Curtain Fig Tree Parking and Pathway

There is parking located off of Curtain Fig Tree Road with easy access to a walking path to the tree. Follow signs to a railed boardwalk and wander through the beautifully lit rainforest. In about 100 yards, you will arrive before the towering Curtain Fig Tree.

curtain fig tree path
Starting our journey down the boardwalk to the Curtain Fig Tree.

Curtain Fig Tree

curtain fig tree
The unique Curtain Fig Tree

Giant strangler fig trees germinate on top of another tree, then grow long roots down into the ground. While the fig “strangles” the hosting tree, eventually killing it, this particular host tilted toward a nearby tree allowing the fig to start growing over it. This beautifully unusual “curtain” of fig roots, cascading approximately 50 ft to the ground, earned the name Curtain Fig Tree.

curtain fig tree perspective
First visual perspective walking up to the Curtain Fig Tree viewing area.
curtain fig tree sign
The creation of the curtain fig tree, Atherton Tablelands.

Wildlife can be spotted near the Curtain Fig Tree. Keep an eye out for different birds, insects, geckos, frogs, and the occasional tree-kangaroos and ringtail possums.

curtain fig tree
Getting low allows for some cool angles of the Curtain Fig Tree

The host tree fell at a 45-degree angle, providing a rod for the Curtain Fig Tree’s elongated roots. This 500+-year-old tree will only get more spectacular. Listen to the birds singing above while lingering through the rainforest.

curtain fig tree large
The impressive Curtain Fig Tree located on Atherton Tablelands.
curtain fig tree perspective
Our 6’8″ son is standing next to the grand Curtain Fig Tree. Can you spot him?

On our tour of Atherton Tablelands, I was glad we chose to stop at this one-of-a-kind wonder. The Curtain Fig Tree is unique in its natural design and exhibits beauty by the Designer. Great memories were made during our 40-minute visit.


  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a high quality camera.
  • Take pictures while the sun is at an angle.
  • Bring binoculars and water.
  • Do your part and respect the park. Take all of your belongings with you, including any trash.
  • Check out the Curtain Fig Tree National Park website for tips on night time visits (Spotlighting).
curtain fig tree glow mushroom sign
As we were leaving I spotted this sign to be on the lookout for glowing mushrooms!