Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium VIP Tour

at&t stadium tour cover

The Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium VIP tour is a behind the scenes tour of the home field of America’s most popular NFL team. We were in Dallas for our son’s US Volleyball Junior National Championships, and the team, along with a few parents, did this tour as a team bonding trip.

at&t stadium tour field talk
Our guide shared some general facts about the stadium’s construction, capacity, and the jumbotron.

Jerry Jones private suite

Jerry Jones private suite
Standing inside Jerry’s private suite, it was easy to see how closely connected this owner is with the franchise.

From multiple monitors hidden behind the wood paneling to privacy screens that fully extend from the walls, the suite can morph to support various scenarios to get the business of owning a sports team accomplished.

Booking a private suite

at&t stadium tour private suite
Private suites range from $9k – $40K depending on the venue.

There are over 3oo hundred available luxury suites at the stadium, and the price to book them ranges from $9,000 to $40,000 per venue. If you are interested, you can book a suite at Suite Hop – Att & T stadium.

ATT&T stadium suite seats
These seats are part of the private suites, would run at least $350 per person.

Standing Room Only area

Party Zone at the ATT&T Stadium
Standing in the endzone “Party Zone.”

While ticket seats can be incredibly expensive, the stadium also offers Standing room only (SRO) tickets in the endzone “Party Zones”. These tickets give fans the chance to experience a live game at a more affordable price.

football shapped light fixtures
These lighting fixtures are supposed to look like footballs.


As part of the tour, we explored a lot of behind the scene’s areas, like the locker rooms.

Cowboy Cheerleader Locker Room

at&t stadium tour cheerleader locker room
In the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders’ locker room.

Cowboys Locker Room

at&t stadium tour cowboys locker room view
In the football player’s locker room, people took turns taking pictures in front of their favorite player’s locker.

Press Room and Lower Level

The press room has special anti-flash glass. People can watch the press conferences live, but if they take any flash photography, it blocks the flash without affecting the interviews.

Dallas Cowboys press room
Learning about the anti-flash privacy glass in the press room.
Draft Kings Fantasy Sports Lounge
View of the field from Draft Kings Fantasy Sports Lounge.
at&t stadium tour run
Running through the team entrance onto the stadium field.

We’re on the field

For some reason heading out onto the field of any stadium seems to be a big deal.

at&t stadium tour grand field
Walking out onto the field at AT&T stadium is impressive.
Pictures from the Dallas Cowboy's field
Plenty of opportunities for family pictures
volleyball on the football field
The boys enjoyed some volleyball practice while on the field.

Even though we are not big football fans, it was a fun experience to see the architecture, learn about the team legacy, and see the effort that goes into maintaining the stadium.


  • Bring a football (or buy one there) to toss around on the field. How many times in your life are you going to be able to recreate making a touchdown!
  • Wear comfortable shoes becuase there is a lot of walking.