Discover the Wonders of Secret Tiki Temple

secret tiki temple
Secret Tiki Temple is a hidden gem and a must-visit spot for tiki enthusiasts and curious explorers alike.

If you’re on the hunt for unique things to do in Jacksonville, Florida, look no further than Secret Tiki Temple. Tucked away in the back of the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant, this place is a hidden oasis that takes you straight to a tropical paradise. The vibe is so chill, thanks to the amazing owner, Tommy Tam, who welcomes everyone like an old friend.

secret tiki temple lobby entrance
The lobby of the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant instantly reminded me of the mysterious Chinatown shop in the movie “Gremlins.” Filled with intriguing trinkets and a sense of mystery, it sets the stage for the hidden tiki adventure that awaits you.

A New Chapter in Tiki History

Secret Tiki Temple is a relatively new addition to Jacksonville’s scene, having opened its doors in 2017. For years, Tommy Tam had been on a quest to collect the most amazing tiki artifacts, carvings, and memorabilia. Once he felt he had gathered enough to create the ultimate tiki paradise, he transformed a private ballroom in the back of the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant into a secret speakeasy-style tiki bar. The result is a captivating hideaway that perfectly marries tiki tradition with a modern twist. When you step through that hidden door, you’re entering Tommy Tam’s love letter to tiki culture.

secret tiki temple bartender Mai tai spam can
The Mai Tai served in a SPAM can is a quirky yet delicious twist on a classic, offering a unique way to enjoy this iconic tiki drink at Secret Tiki Temple.

Atmosphere Like No Other

Picture this: bamboo walls, colorful tiki masks, and twinkling lights, with bird cages and Chinese parasols hanging from the ceiling. Add in the scent of rum and tropical fruits wafting through the air. The music? A perfect blend of island vibes and old-school classics. You’re not just in Jacksonville anymore—you’re in Tiki Paradise.

secret tiki temple cocktail table
Sitting at a bar-top table at Secret Tiki Temple gives you a front-row seat to the incredible attention to detail in the decor. From the intricate jade and bamboo wall treatments to the monkey accent lamps, every inch of the space transports you to a tropical paradise, making your experience truly immersive.

Get the Inside Scoop at the Bar

Here’s a pro tip: always aim for a seat at the bar. That’s where Tommy and the bartenders spill the secrets about special drinks and share the most entertaining stories. And get this—you can even order a tiki drink served in a spam can! It’s quirky, fun, and a must-try.

secret tiki temple bartender
Grabbing a seat at the bar is the ticket to the ultimate Secret Tiki Temple experience. It’s where Tommy Tam and the bartenders share insider tips about secret drinks and fun stories, making your visit extra memorable.

On this particular night, Ed Hamilton of Hamilton Rum was visiting and we got introduced by the bartender. Imagine sipping a custom rum cocktail while chit-chatting with the dude who actually made the rum. That’s like hitting the tiki jackpot!

The Unforgettable Drinks of the Secret Tiki Temple

From classics like the Jungle Bird and Zombie, which blend different rums and fruit juices, to unique temple specials like the Tiki’s Horny Panda, there’s a drink for everyone. And don’t forget their twist on the classic Mai Tai, served in a flaming SPAM can for an extra smoky kick! These aren’t just drinks; they’re tropical adventures in a glass that make you feel like you’re on a faraway island. Cheers!

secret tiki temple drinks horny panda
The “Horny Panda” is a standout tiki drink that combines exotic flavors with a playful name, making it a must-try cocktail for anyone looking to explore the Secret Tiki Temple’s inventive menu.

Discover the Secret Menu

If you’re in the know, Secret Tiki Temple offers more than just drinks; they’ve got a secret food menu that takes the tiki experience to the next level. We had the chicken fried rice and SPAM fried rice, and let me tell you, they were delish! The SPAM fried rice even comes served in an actual SPAM can, giving it that extra quirky touch that makes this place so special. Pair these dishes with a tropical cocktail, and you’ve got yourself a tiki feast fit for a king or queen!

secret tiki temple chicken fried rice
The chicken fried rice at Secret Tiki Temple is a flavor-packed dish that hits all the right notes. It’s the perfect comfort food to accompany your tiki drinks, making your meal feel like a tropical feast.

The Adventure of Finding this Secret Spot

Secret Tiki Temple is a little hard to find, which only adds to its allure. You won’t see any flashy signs pointing you to this hidden gem. Instead, you’ll need to make your way into the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant. The secrecy makes finally stepping into the vibrant and elaborately decorated tiki bar feel like you’ve discovered a secret treasure!

secret tiki temple pagoda chinese restaurant
Though the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant doesn’t boast any signs pointing to Secret Tiki Temple, the vibrant tiki-themed mural on the back half of the restaurant serves as a big hint that you’re on the right track!

Take Home a Tiki Memory with Custom Mugs

If you’re a fan of collectible drinkware, you won’t want to miss the chance to purchase one of Secret Tiki Temple’s custom tiki mugs. These aren’t your average mugs; they’re carefully crafted to capture the essence of tiki culture, featuring intricate designs and vibrant colors. It’s like bringing a little piece of your tropical night out back to your own kitchen. So go ahead, sip your morning coffee from a tiki mug and relive the magic of Secret Tiki Temple every day!

secret tiki temple merchandise
Not all of the tiki mugs at Secret Tiki Temple are for sale, but we couldn’t resist taking home a panda-themed tiki mug and a Secret Tiki branded tumbler. These unique mugs make for awesome keepsakes, letting you relive your Secret Tiki experience long after you’ve left the bar.

The Tommy Tam Touch

Want to know the secret sauce of Secret Tiki Temple? It’s Tommy Tam. This guy is like the friendliest host you’ll ever meet. He was serving drinks and entertaining guests the entire night. Seriously, it’s as if you’ve known him forever. Just like the legendary Don Beach, Tommy knows how to make guests feel super welcome and comfy.

secret tiki temple tommy tam
The COB (Chief Operating Boss) of Secret Tiki Temple is Tommy Tam, a hospitality wizard who brings the tiki spirit to life with his welcoming vibe and attention to detail.

So the next time you’re looking for a super cool experience in Jacksonville, don’t miss Secret Tiki Temple. Trust us; this isn’t just another night out, it’s an unforgettable adventure!

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Secret Tiki Temple is a hidden oasis tucked away in the back of the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant, offering an unforgettable experience of tiki culture at its best. From exotic drinks like the Mai Tai in a SPAM can to the immersive decor, it's a Jacksonville gem that's not to be missed.