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For the past few months we have been planning a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. However, some family health issues had us rethinking our plans to Mexico and start looking into other vacation options. Through our research, Kari discovered that Fiji Airlines was having an amazing deal on flights. A few family discussions later,  we end up booking tickets for 10 Nights in New Zealand and 5 Nights in Fiji. Now that we have days blocked out and airline tickets, it is time to start planning our adventures.

What we’ve discovered so far…

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This will be our first time traveling to Fiji, so it is very exciting and a little overwhelming trying to determine where to stay and what there is to do.

Fiji is made up of around 333 islands. However, it has two major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.  Both major islands contain much of Fiji’s population and offer a variety of activities. It is a 12 hour boat ride between these two major islands, so we’ve decided that our stay in Fiji is not long enough to island hop. There are smaller aircraft to fly, but we were not willing to add the extra expense.  We decided to stay in and around Viti Levu.

What do you want to do in Fiji?

What you want to do in Fiji will play a big part on where to stay and since this will be our first time (and maybe our only time) we want to make the most of the few days we are there. So far, the things that look like fun to our family are:

fiji riversRiver Rafting in Fiji

Oh man, this looks like something straight out of The Land of the Lost or Jurassic Park! The company seems really cool too. They provide local employment opportunities, pay a user fee to the native land owners to provide benefits directly to village life, and promote the protection of these natural resources.

fiji jetskiJetski Safari in Fiji

The waters are so crystal clear, riding jetskis  over the coral coast and around some of the small islands to go snorkeling sounds awesome!

The company we are currently checking out is Jetski Safari. We will update the site later if we book with them.

uprising beach resort fiji sunsetSunsets in Fiji

Sunsets in Fiji look amazing and I want to make sure we stay somewhere with a good view!


A few other activities that are on our list are:

  • Day trip to a smaller island (we hear that the best snorkeling is out on these little islands) and they seem to have some pretty fun options.
  • Hiking to a waterfall
  • Zip-line courses
  • Scuba with sharks!
  • Visiting museums and learning about the Fijian culture and their history.
  • Experiencing traditional Fijian meals, ceremonies, and activities

Narrowing down a location to stay in Fiji

Based on the kinds of activities that seem fun for our family, it looks like the Coral Coast of Fiji would be a good “home base”.  To be more specific, we are staying in Pacific Harbour.  I’ve read that they still cater to tourism, but it has more of a local vibe with friendly natives that treat you like family.

Some searches for places to stay:

What we found out quickly is that there are not a lot of mid-priced options for a family of five anywhere in Fiji! However, looking at things to do in and around the places we might want to stay made our decision easier about Pacific Harbour, Fiji as our destination.

When to book accommodations in Fiji

It is the beginning of May and our trip isn’t until mid August, so I assumed we had plenty of time to book accommodations. Luckily, Kari did not share my assumptions and started trying to reserve places in Pacific Harbour. After our first choice (a sweet home on the river) was booked out from under us, we stumbled across The Uprising Beach resort! This resort has amazing little bungalows right on the beach with traditional thatched roofs, outdoor showers, plus the entire place looks like it is right out of Adventureland in Disneyland.

uprising resort fiji 2015

With great reviews, free breakfast, nightly shows with music, and great pics online, we quickly snagged two of the remaining bungalows just before the place was sold out!  Luckily, we reserved one beach and one garden bungalow which will give us more of a variety to experience.

So, if you are planning a trip to Fiji, make sure you start your search for accommodations at least 3 months prior to your arrival date!

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