Gordon Ramsay’s Burger

Gordon Ramsay BurGR

While enjoying a 3 day Vegas getaway, we watched a family-friendly variety show at the Miracle Mile Mall attached to the Planet Hollywood hotel. After the show, we needed to eat dinner; We turned to Yelp and found a few late-night options with good ratings. Gordon Ramsay’s Burger (formerly known as BurgR) was top on the list, open until 1AM, and had options for Kari since she doesn’t eat red meat or pork.

After seeing this over-the-top celebrity chef on television for years, I’ve wondered if his food would live up to the hype.


PH Burgr
photo courtesy of Planet Hollywood

Burger is a bright and casual dining experience, with big-screen TVs around the perimeter playing various sporting events. The restaurant was pretty busy, but I was surprised it wasn’t exceptionally noisy. Conversations were easy to have at the table without having to shout. The service was prompt, and we never had to wait long for refills or requests.

The Burgers

Cooked over an open flame fueled by hardwoods, the patties get smoked with an abundance of flavor. Between our family of five, we were able to try a nice sampling of burgers, averaging $14 a burger (at the time of our visit). I know that is a little pricey for just a burger, but it is totally worth it! Seriously, keep reading…

Euro Burger

Euro burger - Gordon Ramsay's burGR
Euro Burger* $16 Eruro Burger – truffle aïoli + goat cheese + arugula + oven roasted tomato

The combination of the slightly toasted bun, crispy arugula with truffle aïoli, and the sweetness of the roasted tomato created an amazing combination to offset the perfectly seasoned ground beef patty. This was a pretty amazing burger!

Hell’s Kitchen Burger

hells kitchen turkey burger - Gordon Ramsay's BurGR
Hell’s Kitchen Burger (Turkey burger edition) – asadero cheese + roasted jalapeños + avocado + oven roasted tomatoes + jalapeño

Asadero Cheese is typically used in Chili Rellenos, so with the combination with the roasted jalapeños, avocado, and roasted red tomatoes, this burger would have been better suited with a Mexican style name. No matter what you call it, it was delicious in both the turkey and red meat options.

I will warn you though, if you are expecting a lot of heat from the Hell’s Kitchen Burger, you will be disappointed; It was pretty mild.

Farm Burger

Farm Burger Gordon Ramsay's BurGR
Farm Burger – duck breast bacon + English sharp cheddar + fried egg

This was not the first time I’ve seen a Farm (or Barnyard) burger. But unlike the traditional cow, chicken, and pig staple, this burger has cow, chicken, and duck! This was the first time we’ve had duck bacon (we eat turkey bacon all the time in our house). It was another winner!


Since none of the burgers come with a side (no complaint here), we ordered two sides to share.

truffle fries maui onion rings burgr

Truffle Parmesan fries

The combination of those truffle parmesan and truffle salt on hand-cut fries is a pretty amazing flavor combination. Along with the truffle aïoli and slightly spicy ketchup, you had a great combination of sweet and salty.

Beer Battered Maui Onion Rings

Just the right amount of crispy, sweet, salty, and umami. Dip the Beer Battered Maui Onion Rings in the chipotle ketchup, the cheddar ranch sauce, or eat them plain. They were absolutely amazing and hands-down the best thing we ordered.


I have to admit I had this expectation I would be let down by the experience. I just didn’t think there would be anyway a Gordon Ramsay restaurant could live up to the hype. But, it did! Gordon Ramsay’s Burger is a reasonably priced introduction to a Gordon Ramsay owned restaurant that brings you a taste of his delectable creations.

What Gordon Ramsay restaurant should we try next?


  • Line forms outside of the restaurant, arrive early for shorter waits.
  • If only a party of 2, talk to the hostess and they may accommodate a shorter waiting time.
  • Reservations only for parties of 14 or more.
  • Ask your server what they recommend, but don’t pass up on the onion rings.