Lake Arrowhead Village Oktoberfest

During September and October, Lake Arrowhead Village hosts various bands and serves classic German foods to celebrate Oktoberfest. Admission and parking are free.

lake arrowhead village sign
Entrance into the Lake Arrowhead Village.

We have been visiting Lake Arrowhead since dating back in the ’90s. It is a special place, filled with many unforgettable memories, including our engagement proposal next to the lake. We’ve brought our boys on countless day trips and mini-vacations to this beautiful escape away from the city.

lake arrowhead village family
Traditional family photo spot, before feeding the ducks.

October is an enjoyable time to visit Lake Arrowhead Village. The leaves are starting to change colors, the air is crisp, and the sun is still shining brightly through the clouds above. But another reason to visit in the fall is Oktoberfest!

lake arrowhead village dog area
A beautiful area where the whole family can enjoy being outside.
lake arrowhead feeding ducks
Feeding the ducks at Lake Arrowhead is over a 25-year tradition for our family.


Festive music, lively games, and dance parties are scheduled throughout the day. German bands play traditional music, contemporary music, and fun songs like the Chicken Dance. Musical chairs, sausage toss, and stein holding are some of the games played. If you want to participate in the games, make sure you sign up at the stage.

lake arrowhead oktoberfest tent
The main stage with a large tent set up for Oktoberfest shenanigans.
lake arrowhead oktoberfest food booth
A variety of food booths to choose from during the Oktoberfest celebration at Lake Arrowhead Village.

Various food vendors sell traditional German foods at their booths located throughout the Village. Beer and wine packages are available for purchase and come with a commemorative stein to keep.

lake arrowhead village oktoberfest foods
Oktoberfest fun foods!
lake arrowhead oktoberfest brat
Who can resist a brat during Oktoberfest?

Traditional German foods such as bratwurst, potatoes, coleslaw, pretzels, knockwurst, and more are available for purchase. The food was SO good! Yum! There are also several restaurants, like a Mexican restaurant and a Mcdonald’s at the Village.

lake arrowhead oktoberfest seating
Grass areas are located throughout the village and provide picnic-style seating.

Finding a place to sit wasn’t too hard. However, if you want to be close to the tent, hear the bands play, and people watch, snatching a spot is a bit harder. Table reservations are available for a fee, but the grass area makes a nice spot to set up camp if you come prepared.

lake arrowhead oktoberfest booths
Pop-up booths selling a range of crafts and boutique items are added to the village during Oktoberfest.

Handcrafted items, boutique gifts, and gourmet foods are just a few things you can find at the merchandise booths during Oktoberfest. We purchased a few handmade wooden candle holders at a bargain price!

More of the Village

Lake Arrowhead Village has plenty of shops, restaurants, and activities such as clothing, toys, books, jewelry, and gift stores, to name a few. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Mr. G’s Toys are two long-standing shops we traditionally visit.

lake arrowhead village lollipop park
Lollipop Park is situated next to the lake.

Lollipop Park is located on what was a large grassy picnic area. We miss that relaxing and sentimental spot but embrace change for the sake of fun! Most of the rides are small, but adults can fit in some. Bumper cars, a carousel, funhouse mirrors, mini-golf, and more are available at the end area of the Village.

lake arrowhead village rides
Lollipop Park tickets and funhouse.
lake arrowhead village bumper cars
Bumper cars are available at the Lollipop Park in Lake Arrowhead Village.

Next to Lollipop Park is a playground and dog spot. Here you will find the best views of the lake and a few squirrels running around the bank.

lake arrowhead village dog park
The dog spot located at the Lake Arrowhead Village.

Our family loves Lake Arrowhead Village and have so many memories there. The neighboring resort is amazingly wonderful and one we frequent. If you take a ride on the Arrowhead Queen Boat, you will get a lovely tour and history lesson of the area. Hiking trails and community parks are close by too.


  • Check for updates on events and raod conditions prior to heading out.
  • Arrive early. Parking is horrible if you arive after noon.
  • Purchase duck food at a local shop.
  • Bring sunblock and extra water.
  • Pack folding chairs or blanket for sitting in the grass area.
  • Table reservations are available for a fee, check the website.
  • Drive through the town of Blue Jay and stop at Jensen’s Market for delicious bakery treats.

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