Lake Arrowhead Village Oktoberfest

Looking for unique things to do in California? Well, How about trading the beach crowds for a Bavarian-style bash by a mountain lake? If that sounds good to you, pull on your lederhosen and head for Lake Arrowhead’s Octoberfest. It’s a yearly fest that captures the spirit of Germany right in the heart of Southern California’s San Bernadino mountains! Trust us, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

lake arrowhead village sign
Entrance into the Lake Arrowhead Village.

A Little Bit of Germany in California

In the 1920s, Lake Arrowhead was designed to look like a little European village, complete with cobblestone roads and cute shops. The Octoberfest event honors this origin, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a German town without ever leaving California. Get ready for hearty food, lots of music, and, of course, all the beer you can dream of!

Games, Food, and Fun: What to Expect

If you’re wondering what makes Octoberfest in Lake Arrowhead so awesome, it’s all about the games, food, and fun. There are pie-eating contests, barrel-rolling games, and even wiener dog races! You heard that right—tiny dogs racing for glory while you sip your beer and cheer them on. It doesn’t get better than this.

Music that Makes You Move

What’s a fest without music? Get ready to tap your toes to live bands playing everything from traditional German tunes to modern hits. It’s not just about listening; it’s about getting up and dancing like no one’s watching.

lake arrowhead oktoberfest tent
The main stage with a large tent set up for Oktoberfest shenanigans.

What’s On the Menu?

Okay, let’s talk food. There are food stands that will make your mouth water just looking at them. We’re talking bratwurst, pretzels as big as your head, and more. Pair it with a craft beer or a classic German brew, and you’ve got yourself a meal to remember. Beer and wine packages are available for purchase and come with a commemorative stein to keep.

lake arrowhead oktoberfest food booth
A variety of food booths to choose from during the Oktoberfest celebration at Lake Arrowhead Village.
lake arrowhead village oktoberfest foods
Oktoberfest fun foods!
lake arrowhead oktoberfest brat
Who can resist a brat during Oktoberfest?

The Real Deal on Finding a Seat

Finding a place to park your behind isn’t too tricky. But listen, if you want the full experience—like being in the big tent and doing some quality people-watching—you’ll need to hustle a bit for those prime spots. You can pay some cash to reserve a table if you’re feeling fancy. But hey, the grassy area is also a pretty chill spot to throw down a blanket and set up your own little camp. Just make sure you come ready!

lake arrowhead oktoberfest seating
Grass areas are located throughout the village and provide picnic-style seating.
lake arrowhead oktoberfest booths
Pop-up booths selling a range of crafts and boutique items are added to the village during Oktoberfest.

Shop Till Your Lederhosen Fall Off: The Stuff You Can Buy

There’s more to Octoberfest than just food and music. Yup, you can shop for some pretty cool stuff too. We’re talking handcrafted goods, fancy gifts, and tasty gourmet treats. Last time we went, we snagged some awesome wooden candle holders for a steal! So yeah, bring some extra cash, ’cause you’re gonna want to take home more than just memories.

Why You Gotta Check Out Octoberfest in Lake Arrowhead

If you’re hunting for something different and totally memorable, head over to Lake Arrowhead this fall. Seriously, Octoberfest here is a blast! You’ll have so much fun, you’ll probably wanna make it a yearly thing for your family, just like we did.

So there you have it. If you’re all about finding unique things to do, then pack your bags, grab your lederhosen or dirndl, and head to Lake Arrowhead. Prost! 🍻


  • Check for updates on events and road conditions prior to heading out.
  • Arrive early. Parking is horrible if you arrive after noon.
  • Purchase duck food at a local shop.
  • Bring sunblock and extra water.
  • Pack folding chairs or blankets for sitting in the grass area.
  • Table reservations are available for a fee, check the website.
  • Drive through the town of Blue Jay and stop at Jensen’s Market for delicious bakery treats.