Millaa Millaa Falls

Millaa Millaa Falls is a magnificent iconic waterfall located on the 10.5 mile Waterfall Circuit off Theresa Creek Road. As one of Australia’s most famous waterfalls, Millaa Millaa Falls is popular among tourists and locals. It is surrounded by lush rainforest, guaranteeing dazzling views under the bright blue sky.

Millaa Millaa Falls Parking and Pathway

Follow the posted signs to the steep and narrow parking lot. Since this is a top waterfall to visit, try to plan your arrival early in the day. We arrived around 11:30 am; it was very crowded, and it took some time to find a spot for the car.
After you park, enjoy your stroll through the beautiful rainforest encased stairs.

millaa millaa falls stairs
The stairway from the parking lot to Millaa Millaa Falls is long but has an easy grade of climb.

Millaa Millaa Falls

millaa millaa falls loop
Millaa Millaa Falls, tropical waterfall in the middle of rainforest dairylands.

Millaa Millaa Falls is a heritage-listed plunge waterfall. With a height of 60 ft, this waterfall pours into its pristine swimming pool. The volcanic rock background gives a wonderful texture to this picturesque view.

millaa millaa falls wide
View of Millaa Millaa Falls from the upper level platform.

There is a large, grassy viewing area with multi-level platforms. This is a perfect spot for lounging or picnicking while visiting Millaa Millaa. This is a top stop for tour companies, so expect crowds. The community also hosts a variety of events in this space.

millaa millaa falls family
While others dared to swim underneath the Millaa Millaa Falls, we decided taking a step into the refreshing clear water was good enough for us.

Millaa Millaa Falls is fringed with luscious tropical ferns and mossy volcanic rock. Beautifully adorned with colorful flowers, this idyllic scenery created a perfect setting for taking a swim in the freshwater pool. We visited during Australia’s dry and sunny winter. So, stepping into the shallow waters was as far as we got.

millaa millaa falls tall
The stunning and famous Millaa Millaa Falls.

The famous Millaa Millaa Falls has been featured in many movies and commercials for obvious reasons. Documentaries and photographers alike take advantage of this natural spectacle.

millaa millaa waterfall
Millaa Millaa falls looks like its straight out of a tropical island paradise.

We visited Millaa Millaa Falls for approximately 30 minutes. It is a short walk from the parking lot and is direct with what it has to offer. The splendid views were wonderful to take in, but we didn’t meander because of the crowds.


  • Best time to photograph Millaa Millaa Falls is under sunny skies with no shadows. Plan your day according.
  • Bring a high quality camera.
  • Toilets are located near the carpark.
  • To avoid crowds, plan arriving earlier in the day.
  • Bring towels, swim gear, and sunblock to enjoy swimming in the freshwater pool.
  • Occasionally, platypuses have been seen swimming there. Keep an eye out.