A Visit to the Amish Farm

jersey cow amish zoo

Get up close with buffalo, llamas, giraffes, deer, elk and more!

While researching the various things to do in Amish country Ohio, Kari found The Farm at Walnut Creek. An Amish “zoo” where you get to feed the animals from a horse-drawn wagon. It sounded pretty cool, so we added it to our travel itinerary.

Wagon Ride

wagon loading amish zoo
wagon loading zone

For a couple of dollars more than the entrance fee you can have the opportunity to take a guided horse-drawn wagon ride through the animal enclosure where you get to feed the animals.

We arrived around 4:00pm and got on one of the last wagon rides of the day. Our drivers name was Noah and he explained the rules basic rules. Don’t feed animals at the back of the wagon (they could try to climb in), don’t feed the birds by hand (they peck), don’t feed the animals directly from the buckets (you have to use your hands), don’t feed the zebras by hand (they could bite.)

Having seen pictures and read descriptions of the park, I thought I knew what to expect, but once the wagon was beyond the gate, and this large group of cattle descended on our wagon I was amazed!

jersy cow visit amish zoo
This Jersey cow was the first to approach, but soon we were surrounded by animals.
nilgai india amish zoo
A Nilgai from India

The animals were HUGE, friendly, and eager to get us to feed them. Everyone grabbed a bucket and started tossing food into the animals mouths. After we had plenty of time to feed, pet, and take picture with the first set of animals we moved on down the road.

Rocky Mountain Elk
Rocky Mountain Elk

It seemed at every turn we’d come across another amazing set of animals.

axis deer herd amish zoo
Axis deer herd approaching our wagon
giraffe amish zoo
Giraffe at the Amish Zoo
elands amish zoo
Hand feeding Elands

Tips to make the most of your visit:

Take the wagon ride!

Wagon Rides Amish ZooYou have the option of driving your own vehicle through the animal enclosure, but I would discourage it.  The guides on the wagon are very knowledgeable and the animals know that the wagons bring food!

Driving yourself through the animal enclosure has been the subject of many PETA complaints against the park, and to be honest, I think the wagon experience is superior.

Give your family time to explore

wooden bridge amish zooThis  is an actual working farm, with crops, dairy cows, a farm houses to explore, a petting zoo, and produce stands. We wish we had more time at The Farm, even if it was just to go on the wagon ride a second time! I’d recommend giving yourselves at least 4 hours there.

Its a little hard to find

I’m not sure if the management doesn’t want to upset the neighbors with a big sign, but I expected a slightly larger sign. Even with our Google Maps navigation, we missed that little sign and had to turn around.

google street view the farm
Google street view of The Farm at Walnut Creek

Here is a Google maps link to, The farm at Walnut Creek


With the cleanliness of the facilities, the friendly staff (and animals),  and the friendliness of the other guests, it was no wonder why our family had a great time at The Farm at Walnut Creek.

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