The Madonna Inn

Madonna inn sunset

Built-in 1958, the Madonna Inn retains all of its extraordinary style of that bygone era. The complex exterior is a mashup of Swiss-Alps, western murals, stain-glass, and a lot of pink! The entire property, from the 101 uniquely designed rooms and suites, to the waterfall urinal in the men’s bathroom, has been creatively themed.

This historical resort is known for romance and honeymooners. However, it is also welcoming to families, other travelers, and locals too.

madonna inn spring
The Madonna Inn’s landscaping is beautiful in the spring!
madonna inn registration building
The hotel registration is located on the bottom floor below the American flag.
madonna inn registration office
Stonework, pink colors,  and the 1950’s style is everywhere.

Activities at the Modonna Inn

There is so much to do at the Madonna Inn; dancing to a band with your sweetheart, horseback riding, hiking, biking, and more!

Madonna Inn Pool and Garden Walk

The swimming pool is heated and has a “beach entry”. The water laps above the pools edge, overflowing into grates, creating a flat dimension. A bar and fitness center is located within the pool area, as well as a gazebo and waterfall. Exit away from the main building to venture through their garden walk.

madonna inn pool
Amazing views of the San Luis Obispo Mountains from this hilltop location.
madonna inn path pool
Garden path from the pool to guest quarters.
madonna inn sugarbush
Taking time to photograph the plants, like this sugarbush, along the garden walk.

The Secret Garden at the Madonna Inn

Take a relaxing walk through the beautiful gardens or play a game of corn hole, bocce ball, or croquet.

madonna inn secret garden entrance
The Secret Garden entrance at the Madonna Inn.
madonna inn secret garden
Stroll through the Secret Garden and enjoy the artistry of floriculture.

Madonna Inn Tennis and Basketball Courts

If it isn’t too hot outside, the hot pink tennis and basketball courts are fully equipped and ready to be played on.

madonna inn tennis court
The Madonna Inn’s famous hot pink tennis and basketball courts.

Lobby and Shops

Everywhere we walked, there was amazing detail in the design. It felt whimsically retro and was a delight to soak it all in.

madonna inn lobby fireplace
Large rock boulders used for a grand fireplace in the main lobby of the Madonna Inn.

There are several shops located within the Madonna Inn; clothing boutiques, jewelry, local art, souvenir shops, gourmet foods, and a wine cellar.

madonna inn signature goblets
Shop for the Madonna Inn’s signature goblets and a variety of boutique items in their many gift stores.
madonna inn detail crafting
“It is in the details!” Everywhere you look there is some sort of design or purposeful artistry at the Madonna Inn.


Silver Bar Cocktail Lounge

At the Silver Bar Cocktail Lounge, you will be surrounded with elegant stained glass windows, plush seating, and friendly bartenders. Despite not having a happy hour, we were very happy to relax in this inviting setting after checking in to the hotel.

madonna inn bar
The Silver Bar Cocktail Lounge…
silver bar cocktail lounge
Pink upholstery, carved woodwork, and stained glass make for a fun and casual lounge.
madonna inn bar stained glass
Stained glass windows and plush lounge seating inside the bar.
madonna inn pink cloud rum punch
The Pink Cloud and Madonna rum punch.

The drinks were well crafted and not over priced.

madonna inn garlic bread
Garlic bread appetizer with marinara was delicious!

Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steak House

This famous Steak House is one-of-a-kind with the all-pink interior and flashy decor. There are plenty of options to choose from on their menu. We decided to have appetizers, drinks, and desserts for our late night dinner.

Alex madonna inn steakhouse
During spring time, the restaurant’s theme is over-the-top seasonal decor.
madonna inn stainglass
Stained glass roses on the door to the main lobby and steakhouse.
madonna inn ballroom
Live bands play nightly at the steakhouse with an open floor for dancing. Check the calendar for the schedule and type of music.
madonna inn flora dora and old fashion cocktails
The Flora Dora and Old fashion were solid cocktails.
madonna inn avocado toast
The Avocado toast was off the chart delicious!
madonna inn Pink Champagne black forrest without cherry
The Pink Champagne cake was delectable. The black forest (without cherries) was okay. The kitchen was out of cherries and you could tell the cake needed it.

The Copper Cafe

Keeping theme with Madonna Inn’s Old World ambiance, the Copper Cafe is loaded with wood carvings, murals, and red leather seating. This cafe is open throughout the day and is a more casual setting. We chose to eat at the Steak house instead. But bought cakes from the bakery located inside this cafe.

madonna inn copper cafe
The Copper Cafe is a casual dining experience serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
madonna inn bakery
The Madonna Inn bakery is located inside the Copper Cafe.

The Cellar

Enjoy wine tasting, along with pairing of gourmet chocolates and cheeses down in the cellar.

madonna inn cellar rainbow grape chandelier
Staircase down to the cellar and the Gourmet and Wine Shop.


Why in the heck am I writing about their public bathrooms? …Because they are so unique! It seems Mr. and Mrs. Madonna had a healthy competition over who could create the most “over the top” bathroom.

Women’s Bathroom

madonna inn womens restroom
Inside the glamorous ladies restroom at the Madonna Inn.

Pink marble tiles and counters, hanging chandeliers, padded luxurious doors are just a few of the details in the women’s public bathroom.

Men’s Bathroom

madonna inn mens restroom
Motion-activated waterfall urinal is the centerpiece of the men’s bathroom.

I’m not sure if they officially said who “won” the competition, but I’ve never seen a waterfall urinal before!

Themed Rooms and Suites

With 101 rooms, there is no way we could cover them all. Check out our video walk-through and review of Old World room #192.

old world fireplace madonna inn
The rock fireplace in the Old World room at the Madonna Inn.

Night Time at the Madonna Inn

While walking the grounds during the clear dark sky, the colors of the ornate construction and landscaping stand out with brilliant lighting. With sounds of the Big Band playing, crickets chirping, and stars twinkling, the atmosphere is nothing less than complete romance.

madonna inn night lights
Gorgeous lighting colors the elegance of the grounds at night.

Staying at the historic Madonna Inn is a completely unique experience. We can’t wait to bring our whole family and check out other themed rooms and enjoy the property.


  • Try to book during the weekdays for a discounted price.
  • When you check out, don’t forget to grab a free postcard of your room.
  • Make a reservation at their Steak House to secure a spot for dinner or dessert.
  • Check The Madonna Inn calendar for local events during your stay.
  • Bring comfortable shoes for hiking or long walks.

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