Lincoln Memorial – behind the scenes tour

lincoln memorial

While visiting the Lincoln Memorial we had an unexpected encounter with the current Secretary of the Interior – Ryan Zinke. After a brief introductions, He asked if we would like to join him on a behind the scene’s tour above and below the Lincoln Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial was open on May 30, 1922 after 8 years of construction on the newly formed land known as the Potomac flats.

meeting ryan zinke lincoln
Meeting with Secretary of the Interior – Ryan Zinke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
lincoln memorial staircase
Steep, narrow, and dimly lit staircase to the top of the memorial.

To the right of Mr. Lincoln’s status is a small door labeled “maintenance.” Stepping past the door we quickly found ourselves in a narrow and steep staircase.

View from on top of the Lincoln Memorial
Workers had to dig down 40 feet before work could begin on the marble monument. They poured dozens of concrete columns to support the surface structure.
workers constructing the Lincoln Memorial drew graffiti on their lunch breaks
monopoly man origin
Possible origin of the monopoly man

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