Aboriginal Pamagirri Cultural Center

pamagirri didgeridoo
Pamagirri demonstrating the didgeridoo

As part of our visit to RainForeStation, we purchased the “Big Nature Package” which included the Pamagirri Cultural Center. This experience demonstrated boomerang and spear throwing, didgeridoo playing, and a Pamagirri Aboriginal Dance Performance.

rainforestation pamagirri cultural centre
Entrance to the Pamagirri Cultural Center. Pictures were not allowed inside.

Boomerang Demonstration

RainForeStation boomerang
Our Pamagirri guide teaching the proper boomerang throw.

After receiving clear instructions from our guide, each guest was given a chance to throw a boomerang. They even had special left-handed boomerangs available. Lary was the first one to throw and had the best boomerang return.

rainforestation pamagirri boomerang fence
Standing behind the security fence during boomerang throwing.

Didgeridoo Demonstration

rainforestation pamagirri didgeridoo
Teaching how a didgeridoo is made.

Our guide explained the fascinating way didgeridoos are made. Termites eat the inside if the tree trunks. As you walk through the forest, you tap on the wood to hear if it is hollow.  Then it is cut down and filled with hot coals to burn the interior. Wax is applied to the top.

pamagirri didgeridoo
Pamagirri demonstrating the didgeridoo.

The sounds of the didgeridoo are made by blowing with relaxed lips. The circular breathing technique is the hardest to master.

rainforestation pamagirri spear
Listening intently to techniques for throwing spears.

The Pamagirri people use a special tool called a woomera to help launch the spear across the field. The world record holder for distance works at this cultural center.

pamagirri spear woomera demonstration
Pamagirri using a woomera (spear throwing device.)

Pamagirri Dance

The dance performance was informational and entertaining. It was a neat peak into traditions passed down of the aboriginal people.

rainforestation pamagirri dance
Pamagirri traditional dance performances.

The setting for the dance performance was not ideal. The narrator didn’t have a microphone, and a large portion of the overcapacity audience was speaking loudly to each other.

Overall, we enjoyed the experience. However, I wish we had more time throwing boomerangs, the performance had better production, and it didn’t feel so rushed.


  • When getting your timed schedule at the ticket box, ask for the least crowded time for experiences.
  • Ask questions to draw out more information.
  • Request another try at throwing the boomerang; One just isn’t enough!