The Madonna Inn

Madonna inn sunset

Built in 1958, the Madonna Inn retains all of its over-the-top style of that bygone era. The exterior of the complex is a mashup of Swiss-Alps western murals, stain-glass, and a lot of pink highlights. There are a 101 uniquely design rooms and suites, each with their own theme, but the entire property (down to the waterfall urinal in the men’s bathroom) has been painstakingly themed.

madonna inn spring
The Madonna in landscaping is beautiful in the spring
madonna inn registration building
The hotel registration is located on the bottom floor below the American flag
madonna inn registration office
Stone work pink and 1950’s style is everywhere

Pool and Garden walk

madonna inn pool
Coping less pool heated and amazing views of the San Luis Obispo Mountains
madonna inn path pool
Garden path from the pool to our room.
madonna inn sugarbush
Taking time to photograph the plants like this sugarbush along the garden walk

Silver Bar Cocktail Lounge

silver bar cocktail lounge
Pink upholstery, carved woodwork, and stained glass make for a fun and casual lounge.

madonna inn bar stained glass

madonna inn pink cloud rum punch
The Pink Cloud and Madonna rum punch


madonna inn garlic bread
Garlic bread appetizer with marinara was delicious!

Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steak House

Alex madonna inn steakhouse
The theme is over-the-top seasonal decor
madonna inn stainglass
Stained glass roses on the door to the steakhouse
madonna inn ballroom
Live bans play nightly
madonna inn flora dora and old fashion cocktails
The Flora Dora and Old fashion were solid cocktails
madonna inn avocado toast
Their Avocado toast was off the chart
madonna inn Pink Champagne black forrest without cherry
The Pink Champagne cake was delicious. The black forests (with out cherries) was okay. They were out of the Black forest with cherries and you could tell the cake needed it.

The cellar

madonna inn cellar rainbow grape chandelier
staircase down to the cellar

Men and women’s bathrooms

Why in the heck am I writing about their public bathrooms, because they are so unique! It seems Mr and Mrs Madonna had a health completion over who could create the most “over the top” bathroom.

Women’s bathroom

madonna inn womens restroom

Men’s restroom

madonna inn mens restroom
motion activated waterfall urinal is the center-piece of the men’s bathroom

I’m not sure if they officially said who “won” the competition, but I’ve never seen a waterfall urinal before!

Themed rooms

With 101 rooms we aren’t going to even try to cover them. Instead well just talk about the room we stayed in, “Old World” in a separate post.

old world fireplace madonna inn
The rock fireplace in the old world room at the Madonna Inn


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