Madonna Inn Rooms: Review & Video – Old World

If you’re searching for unforgettable lodging in Central California that transports you to another era, look no further than Old World Room #192 at The Madonna Inn. Among an array of themed rooms—ranging from Western and jungle vibes to tropical and Austrian atmospheres—the Old World room effortlessly captured our hearts, making it our go-to choice. Why? Think rock waterfall showers, medieval furnishings, and rustic ambiance galore.

old world fireplace madonna inn
The rock fireplace in the old world room at the Madonna Inn

Step into a Medieval Dream: Entering Old World Room #192

As we meandered down a cobblestone pathway leading to our ground-floor retreat, the unique architectural elements of the Madonna Inn caught our eyes. Doorways adorned with one-of-a-kind designs lined our route, and we couldn’t help but snap a few photos before arriving at our semi-secluded entryway.

madonna inn old world room entrance
Stepping inside, the first impression of room 192 Old World at the Madonna Inn.

Furniture and Decor: Where Movie Sets Meet Reality

Walking into the room, we were immediately enchanted by the antique chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the perfectly curated medieval-style furniture. The room is so well-designed, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right off a film set—or perhaps even traveled back in time.

old world table
A view from the bedroom hall of the sitting room, fireplace, and the dining area back in the distance.

Convenient Amenities: Beyond Basic Necessities

Don’t let the medieval atmosphere fool you; this room is packed with modern amenities cleverly integrated into the space. Next to the dining table, you’ll find a well-equipped sink area featuring a mini-fridge, and even a charming coffee bar stocked with all the essentials.

madonna inn old world table
Dining area in the Old World suite at the Madonna Inn.
flowers old world
Picked up flowers for my bride at the local farmers market.

Subtle Modern Touches: Tech and Comfort

If you’re worried about going full-on medieval, fret not. A compact TV is discreetly situated in the bedroom corner, providing entertainment without breaking the room’s spell. Likewise, an air conditioning unit is strategically tucked away, ensuring your comfort while maintaining the room’s authentic feel.

old world bed
The bed was soft, and comfortable and the room was incredibly clean.
old world bed peek o boo fireplace
The rock feature has a heart shaped cutout that gives you a view of the fireplace.

Unique Features: It’s All in the Details

The room’s creativity is nothing short of extraordinary. A rock-formed closet comes with plush bathrobes and an assortment of toiletries, ready for your pampering needs. I found myself wishing I could have a waterfall sink or shower just like the ones in the room. Truly Instagram-worthy!

old world vanity
A vanity with another rock basin sink and a variety of toiletries and hanging bathrobes in the rock “closet”.
old world bathroom waterfall sink
The sink is a rock waterfall that starts from the ceiling and cascades down the wall to the rock basin.
waterfall bathroom sink running
The waterfall sink is way more fun than it should be!
old world waterfall rock shower
Watch the video to get a better idea of the rock waterfalls in the shower.

Our Final Thoughts: Would We Return to Old World Room #192?

Staying in Old World Room #192 exceeded our expectations in every way. While the allure of experiencing other themed rooms at the Madonna Inn is tempting, the unique and captivating nature of the Old World room makes it hard to say goodbye. We’re already daydreaming about our next stay.

So, if you’re looking for a room that offers an extraordinary mix of rustic charm and modern comforts, put Old World Room #192 at the top of your Madonna Inn wishlist. You won’t be disappointed!


  • Checkout our full review of The Madonna Inn
  • Book on a weekday for a discounted rate.
  • Bring flowers, candles, snacks, or drinks for the mini-fridge.
  • When you check out, don’t forget to grab a free postcard of your room. It’s a great reminder of the experiences you’ve had!
  • Pack slippers or socks to walk on the stone floor. It can get a bit chilly!
  • Check out the many themed rooms at the Madonna Inn.