Cathedral Fig Tree

cathedral fig tree

The colossal Cathedral Fig Tree is located in Danbulla State Forest, just a short drive off the main road. While visiting Atherton Tablelands on our day road trip from Cairns, we knew adding this famous tree to our agenda was a necessary stop.

Cathedral Fig TreeĀ  Parking and Trail

Easy parking in a big lot was located in front of the trail entrance. Read and learn about the Cathedral Fig Tree while listening to the early morning birds singing.

cathedral fig tree sign entrance
A clearly marked sign and gravel parking lot made it easy to find.
cathedral fig trail
330 feet trail to the Cathedral Fig Tree.

The trail takes about 10 minutes to walk before reaching the boardwalk. Stay on the path as you might encounter snakes or other pests, such as ticks, in the rainforest.

cathedral fig walk
Walking in the path to the Cathedral Fig Tree.
cathedral fig tree vines
Spiraling vines cascading from the lush green canopy along the trail at the Cathedral Fig Tree.

Cathedral Fig Tree

cathedral fig tree first look pan
The tree is so large, it’s hard to get it all in a single picture.

The gigantic Cathedral Fig tree is a strangler fig and is over 500 years old. The numerous tangled roots swirl around each other while hanging to the rainforest floor. It is a magnificent sight to behold!

cathedral fig bright
The grandiose Cathedral Fig Tree.

Being our first stop in the Atherton Tablelands, the early morning sun brought exquisite lighting, which flooded the Cathedral Fig. It is also a famous destination spot for early morning chirps and bird watching.

cathedral fig tree sun spot
Getting here early in the morning allows for some great lighting effects.

We took time studying the natural beauty of this beast. The surrounding rainforest was filled with remarkable sights filled with texture and design. Aren’t the colors gorgeous?

cathedral fig small greenery
The colors on the wood and the deep green foliage is stunning.
cathedral fig jesse
This is just a partial perspective because the Cathedral Fig is too big to capture in its entirety.

High up in the treetops, you can see an entirely different ecosystem.

cathedral fig tree inside pan
From inside the tree, the textures and depth of the vine system is gorgeous.
cathedral fig tree inside
An upward perspective of the Cathedral Fig Tree

Not realizing the boardwalk was reconstructed after some massive branches fell, we carefully walked through the dirt pathway to step inside the massive “cathedral.”

cathedral fig josh
Respectfully standing near the Cathedral Fig Tree, this 6’8″ guy looks short.

This awe inspiring natural landmark in Atherton Tablelands is literally a “standout” and is well worth a visit. The Cathedral Fig and Curtain Fig trees were different enough from each other, making each visit tranquil and unique.


  • Wear good walking shoes.
  • Bring a high quality camera.
  • Time your visit in the early morning for the best sunlight and singing birds.
  • Bring bug spray after the rain.
  • Respect nature and do not touch the trees.