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down n out sydney sign

Just off of Kent St. and Liverpool is a small neon sign and door to the Down N’ Out Bar. A feasting haven for fans of great burgers, not only your tastebuds but your eyes will appreciate the crafting of these burgers. These burgers are hot off the grill and do not disappoint.

Quench your thirst with a cold brew, or set your mouth ablaze with their “death” sauce made from the world’s hottest peppers. Their house-made dressings are packed with flavor, complementing whatever they touch.

We arrived early for dinner, so we practically had the entire place to ourselves.

down n out sydney bar
Down N’ Out serves handcrafted beverages along with beers. They even have cans of soda for 4$AUD.
down n out sydney dinning
The bar has a classic pub feel with comic, action-figures, and video game motifs throughout.

The atmosphere at Down N’ Out in Sydney has an urban feel, decorated with retro comic book art and local artwork. With brick walls, textured concrete, metals, woods, and a stairwell filled with graffiti, this trendy loft provides a fun place to unwind and chow down. At the top of the stairs are pinball machines and a stand up “multi-cade” game machine to play classic video games.

down n out sydney arcade
Classic pinball games and oversized Fantastic Four cover poster ads to the ambiance of Down N’ Out.
down n out Sydney dining
Eating “linner” at Down N’ Out on a weekday gave us a semi-private dining space. We were able to enjoy our surroundings to the fullest, and the servers were friendly and helpful.

The Burgers

A few items on their menu reminded us of our much beloved Southern California burger chain, In-N-Out burgers, but they are quick to point out they have no affiliation. Ask for their “Tiger style” to get a mustard-grilled burger with caramelized grilled onions, American cheese, and thousand islands dressing (similar to In-N-Out’s “Animal style”)

down n out sydney chick n burger
The Chick N’ Burger is breaded and fried with savory spices, topped with a smokey bbq sauce and lettuce. I recommend getting the sauce on the side.
down n out sydney harambe burger
The popular secret menu Harambe Burger is layered with a waygu beef patty, melted cheese, a cheese patty, fried chicken, bacon, lettuce, secret sauce, bbq sauce, and sweet mayo.
down n out sydney ape burger
The Ape Burger, listed on Down N’ Out’s secret menu, is a waygu patty topped with double cheese, cheese patty, tiger fries, ape sauce, raw onions, and pickles.
down n out burger special
The weekly special was a Waygu beef patty, American cheese, grilled onions, a fried cheese party, fried egg, and special sauce.
down n out sydney tiger style fries
“Tiger Style” fries have caramelized onions, burger sauce (a type of thousand island sauce), and cheese sauce smothered on top.
down n out sydney onion rings
The beer battered onion rings are super crisp and absolutely one of the best items on the menu.

Down N’ Out has successfully created a social media haven with its oversized gourmet burgers and fun atmosphere. For a limited time, their pop up locations created Pokemon burgers featuring Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. The staff and chef teams are creatively talented and appeal to what is trending.

down n out sydney atmosphere
Down N’ Out is set up for a social media experience. With classic comic book art, pinball machines, and a back alley feel, this upstairs bar and restaurant is unique to Sydney.

Not-So-Secret Menu

A secret menu typically isn’t printed in a three-ring binder, but Down N’ Out was nice enough to share theirs with us.

down n out sydney secret menu
Down N’ Out bar in Sydney’s secret menu. The chef also prepares featured items not listed on the other menus.


  • Don’t be shy and ask your server for recommendations.
  • Request the secret menu.
  • If you are picky, order the sauces “on the side”.
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