Duff’s Famous Wings

duffs famous wings

On our way back to Cleveland from Niagara Falls, we passed through Buffalo NY for a late-night dinner. If you’re looking for unique things to do in New York, one delicious adventure awaits in the heart of Buffalo. Duff’s Famous Wings has been serving up mouthwatering chicken wings for generations. Get ready to dive into the history and flavors of this iconic Buffalo eatery!

duffs hot menu
Their hotness scale can be a little confusing.

Wings with a Rich History

Duff’s Famous Wings, founded in 1946, is a true Buffalo gem. This family-owned establishment has been dishing out their famous wings for over seven decades. What makes their wings special is the secret recipe for their signature sauce, a closely guarded family tradition.

The Buffalo Wing Connection

Did you know that Buffalo Wings originated right here in Buffalo, New York? In the 1960s, Teressa Bellissimo, the owner of the Anchor Bar, is credited with inventing this mouthwatering snack. Duff’s Famous Wings is a part of this delicious history, offering their unique take on this Buffalo classic.

The Flavorful Experience

When you step into Duff’s, you’re welcomed by the inviting aroma of perfectly cooked wings. Their wings are deep-fried to perfection, creating a crispy texture that perfectly complements the mouthwatering sauce. You can choose your preferred level of heat, from mild to “Suicidal,” for a fiery adventure in flavor.

Duff’s menu primarily offers two flavors of wings; Buffalo and BBQ with varying degrees of spiciness. Since we were unsure of their “spicy” meter and some family members don’t like things too spicy, we ordered a variety staying on the milder side (mild-medium, medium, medium hot, and BBQ). We also ordered a side of boneless wings because someone doesn’t like eating chicken off the bone.

Crispy yet still tender, their wings were SO good! By far the best wings I’ve ever eaten.

How spicy?

Our family member who usually prefers milder flavors surprisingly enjoyed the spiciness of the mild-medium sauce. This piqued our curiosity, and the rest of us decided to venture into the world of medium-hot flavors. Rather than gradually progressing through the heat levels, we boldly requested a side of the “death sauce,” renowned as the spiciest option on the menu. The waitress, wearing a mischievous grin, promptly brought it to our table.

review duffs famous wings
With a little too much confidence and real conviction, I tried the “death sauce”!

Death sauce didn’t have the most pleasant aroma, but the adventurous ones among us decided to take a small taste. Surprisingly, I didn’t find it too spicy at first. However, I made the bold move of dunking a wing into the sauce and taking a bite. It took a moment for the heat to fully hit me, but when it did, wow, it was scorching! I had to alternate between sips of ice-cold water and soothing blue cheese dressing with celery to cool the fire in my mouth. Finally, after a little while, the burning sensation subsided, and I was able to regain my composure.


  • Since you can’t guess Duff’s heat scale and your tolerance levels, error on the side of milder sauces and ask for side orders of the hotter sauces.
  • Don’t waste your time with the side orders.  We did not care for the french fries at all. Besides, you are there for the wings! Also, the wings come with a bowl of carrot and celery sticks along with blue cheese, so that is like a side order…right?
  • Google Maps: Duff’s Famous Wings, Sheridan Drive, Buffalo, NY

So, if you’re in Buffalo and looking for a unique culinary experience, make sure to visit Duff’s Famous Wings. The combination of rich history and delicious flavors will leave your taste buds dancing. Don’t miss out on this classic Buffalo experience!

Incorporating the rich history of Buffalo wings, Duff’s Famous Wings offers a unique and flavorful adventure for anyone visiting New York’s vibrant city. So, head over to Duff’s and indulge in this iconic Buffalo tradition today!