Ellinjaa Falls

ellinjaa falls action

Ellingjaa Falls is a ledge waterfall stemming from Ellinjaa Creek and is located off the 10.5 mile Waterfall Circuit near Millaa Millaa. Even during the dry season, this waterfall is stunning.

Ellinjaa Falls Path

The walking track leads to the falls from a picnic area and parking off Theresa Creek Road.

We saw wild chickens and bush turkeys wandering around the area. The path is a fairly easy walk, aside from large roots sticking up from the ground and big rocks near the water.

ellinjaa falls sign
Enjoying a sunny day while walking to Ellinjaa Falls.
ellinjaa falls path
Large roots surface from underground. Watch your step.
ellinjaa falls steps
Easy to descend the steps down to Ellinjaa Falls.

The trail to the falls is beautiful. Take time to see all the textures of nature as you stroll along.

ellinjaa falls crawling- eaves
Bright green leaves climbing the moss covered trees.
ellinjaa falls path trees
Appreciating the unique designs vines bring while “hugging” trees.

We enjoyed the 20 minutes of casually walking along the unpaved path, through the rainforest to the waterfall.

Ellinjaa Falls

ellinjaa falls
You’re able to get up-close to Ellinjaa Falls.

The black lava columns contrast behind the cascading waters and lush green vegetation surrounding the falls. The waterhole at the base of Ellingjaa Falls is a great place to swim. Occasionally, people have spotted platypuses and turtles there. Behind the falls is a ledge you can sit on.

ellinjaa falls
The gorgeous Ellinjaa Falls pouring down lava columns from Ellinjaa Creek.

Once we arrived at the waterfall, we first saw Ellinjaa Creek. We had to follow the creek along some good-sized rocks before standing at the base of Ellinjaa Falls.

ellinjaa falls action
Exploring and appreciating being at Ellinjaa Falls.

We arrived sometime around noon, which gave us beautiful light in the pictures. Long-exposure photographs should arrive early (before 8:30 am) because of the sunlight.

ellinjaa falls light
Lighting effects during our visit to Ellinjaa Falls near Millaa Millaa.

Ellinjaa Falls was our favorite out of three within the Water Circuit. It felt a little more isolated and had a gorgeous cascade. I highly recommend making this a stop during your visit to Atherton Tablelands.


  • Determine what time of day you desire with what the falls will offer.
  • Wear good walking shoes and bring a high-quality camera.
  • This is a good spot for having a picnic and swimming. Be prepared.