Gallo Dairyland: An Authentic Dairy Experience in Queensland

Join us on a wholesome journey to Gallo Dairyland in the heart of Queensland’s scenic Atherton Tablelands. This family-owned dairy farm not only promises a taste of some of the finest cheeses and chocolates but also a glimpse into the traditional dairy farming lifestyle.

There are various things to do while visiting Gallo; taste cheeses and chocolates, tour the dairy farm, view milking demonstrations, visit the animal nursery, or enjoy a meal at their restaurant. In the Atherton Tablelands, this tropical dairy farm, market, and cafe is just a short drive away from the Curtain Fig Tree.

Delightful Offerings at Gallo Dairyland

Gallo Dairyland is a treasure trove for dairy lovers. The farm encapsulates the rich dairy tradition with its diverse range of products crafted with love and expertise.

Gallo Dairyland Shop: Your Gateway to Dairy Delights

Indulge your taste buds with a visit to the Gallo Dairyland Shop. From handcrafted cheeses to artisan chocolates, the shop embodies the essence of dairy richness.

gallo dairyland store
Entering into Gallo Dairyland’s market there are chilled cases filled with ice cream, cheeses, and chocolates.

Cheeses: A Palette of Rich Flavours

Explore a world of cheese at Gallo Dairyland, where each variety tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. Whether it’s the sharpness of aged cheddar or the creaminess of fresh brie, there’s a flavor for every cheese enthusiast.

gallo dairyland cheeses
A visit to Gallo Dairyland is not only informative, but the products are very tasty. Here is just a small portion of their cheese counter.

Chocolates: A Sweet Venture

Venture into sweetness with a selection of exquisite chocolates crafted with the finest ingredients. The delicate flavors are a testament to the Gallo family’s commitment to quality.

gallo dairyland chocolates
Gallo Dairyland’s hand crafted chocolates resting in their display case.

The chocolatiers at Gallo Dairyland make the most beautiful, glossy, and decorated chocolates. The hard-crisp shell, encasing delicious fillings, give a gourmet consistency. Using edible shimmering dust, various intricate molds, and the finest high-quality chocolates, Gallo creates impeccable art to devour.

gallo dairyland small chocolate
The creative genius of the chocolatiers at Gallo, ignite my taste buds by just looking at the chocolates! Beautiful.
gallo dairyland packaged chocolates
Our packaged takeaway treat of chocolates that we later consumed on our road trip. We picked up a black forest, dark chocolate turtle, hazelnut, butterscotch, sea salt and caramel, Nutella, and a few others.

Engage in the Dairy Production Journey

Witness the magic of dairy production with a guided tour at Gallo Dairyland. From milking the cows to the art of cheese-making, it’s an educational adventure that brings you closer to the farm-to-table journey.

gallo dairyland factory
Traditional European cheese-making techniques are used for making the cheese at Gallo Dairyland.
gallo dairyland nursery sign
we didn’t have time for the full tour, but we were able to walk through the animal nursery
gallo dairyland classroom
In the classroom next to the factory we watched excerpts of the DVD presenting Gallo Dairyland cheese making.

Animal Nursery at Gallo Dairyland

Even though this animal nursery is targeting children visitors, being young at heart, we were excited to go and visit with all of the baby animals. Housing calves, chickens, pigs, and a goat, these curious creatures were welcoming to our presence.

gallo dairyland nursery sign
Look for the sign “Animal Nursery” and enter beneath into a baby land of animals.
gallo dairyland animal coops
Intently watching the poofy white chickens scratch in the dirt and clucking about.
gallo dairyland baby calves
Baby calves resting from their morning feed at the Gallo Dairyland Animal Nursery.
gallo dairyland pigs
These lil’ piggies are too full to stand straight.
gallo dairyland geese
Geese and Turkeys waddle among the grounds of Gallo Dairyland Farm.
gallo dairyland farm
Inside the Gallo Dairyland’s Animal Nursery from end to end. Small… but then so are the animals.
gallo dairyland cow nose
This curious little calf was nosing around in the feed bucket before sticking her head out to say hello.

Practical Information for Your Visit Gallo Dairyland

  • Location: Gallo Dairyland, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland
  • Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday to Sunday
  • Entry Fee: Free entry to the farm, tours priced at $xx

We did not have a lot of time slotted for our visit to Gallo Dairyland. But we are SO happy we stopped by to taste the cheeses, walk the grounds, saw the animal nursery, and bought some chocolates. It was a delightful stop that we almost missed while traveling through Yungaburra.

Tips for visiting Gallo Dairyland:

  • Try the macadamia nut cheese. It is delicious!
  • Arrive around 3pm for the milking demonstration.
  • Purchase bags of feed to hand feed the animals.
  • Make sure you take home enough of the chocolates. But really… is it ever enough?
  • For more details and to plan your visit, check out Gallo Dairyland.