The Teahouse at Lake Barrine

lake barrine teahouse

Resting at the edge of glimmering Lake Barrine sits a two-story structure serving locally grown foods for breakfast and lunch. The Teahouse freshly steep their award-winning Devonshire Teas and brew their piping hot coffee. Sipping hot beverages on a balcony overlooking Lake Barrine is a dreamy way to start the day.

Welcome to the Teahouse at Lake Barrine

Driving down the dirt road to the restaurant was easy. There is plenty of parking on the upper and lower lots. We arrived shortly after opening and practically had the place to ourselves. The pristine walkway was fringed with brightly colored flowers, making an enjoyable stroll.

lake barrine sign
Walking up to Lake Barrine.

The last flight of stairs leads you to bright red doors and welcomes you into the establishment.

lake barrine teahouse
The Teahouse at Lake Barrine serves delicious meals in a beautiful setting.

Inside The Teahouse at Lake Barrine

Right as you enter into the Teahouse, there is a 3d topical map of the area showing Lake Barrine, a small museum area filled with maps, models, and pictures of the lake. Built-in 1926, this Teahouse holds many memories and the idyllic setting continues to help create new ones.

Stepping through the second doorway, you set foot into a bright and open cafe with picturesque windows presenting Lake Barrine.

lake barrine teahouse inside
Inside seating at the Teahouse at Lake Barrine.

The gift shop has locally made items, including teas, jams, art, photography, and more. The bakery has a selection of house-made cakes and an outstanding secret recipe for their scones.

lake barrine teahouse gift shop
The gift shop inside of the Teahouse at Lake Barrine.

We found books and comfortable sofa chairs throughout the Teahouse to sit and enjoy a good read. An oversized fireplace was converted into a bohemian-style reading nook.

lake barrine teahouse fireplace books
Inside the oversized fireplace set up with pillows and books to read at the Teahouse.

Balcony Seats and Edible Treats

Just outside the back of the Teahouse is a large balcony with patio seating.  Pick and choose which table you want to spend your time at and tell them when placing your order at the register.

lake barrine teahouse patio
Sitting at the Teahouse next to the beautiful Lake Barrine.

We chose to sit center balcony, closest to the water’s edge, near the docking area. It was chilly that morning, but the bright sun quickly warmed us.

lake barrine teahouse coffee chai
Table is filling up with heavenly local foods.

The food was incredibly scrumptious! Everything we ordered was well prepared. The friendly staff even brought us a carafe of filtered fresh water from the lake. The water was crisp and clear, with a hint of earthy minerals.

lake barrine teahouse coffee
Beautifully crafted specialty coffee at the Teahouse at Lake Barrine.

We all ordered specialty coffee drinks: iced coffee made with real vanilla ice cream, hot dirty chai, iced mochas, flat whites, and hot chocolate. All are recommended with two thumbs up!

lake barrine teahouse big breakfast
The big brekkie from the Teahouse at Lake Barrine was plenty flavorful and filling.
lake barrine teahouse benedict
Eggs Benedict served at the Teahouse, is made with fresh local ingredients. Delicious!
lake barrine teahouse crepe
The tropical crepes are a house favorite and is very sweet. The side of bacon helped balance the sugar with salt.
lake barrine teahouse toast avocado
Made with all local ingredients, this avocado toast had mango and pomegranate on top.

Exploring Lake Barrine

Guided boat tours are offered, cruising through the water-filled volcanic crater. Swim this freshwater lake or take a stroll through this lush rainforest. The atmosphere at Lake Barrine is tranquil tropics with thriving wildlife and lush greenery.

lake barrine teahouse dock view
Views of the Teahouse from the dock of Lake Barrine.
lake barrine teahouse dock
Guided boat tours are offered at Lake Barrine.

Before You Leave

We were too full from our hearty breakfast, but we made sure to pick up some of the freshly baked scones to eat later.

lake barrine teahouse scones
The Teahouse makes fresh scones served with local raspberry plum jam and creme.

Planning our road trip through Atherton Tablelands was a lot of fun. Leaving early from Cairns (it was a little over an hour’s drive) and eating breakfast next to this beautiful lake was a fantastic decision. We were fueled, caffeinated yet relaxed, and ready to go.


  • If you have difficulty walking, skip the stairs and park at the lower level parking lot.
  • Gluten free? No problem. They serve a variety of gluten-free baked goods.
  • We accidentally ordered way too much coffee. (Can’t believe I am saying that because we love coffee!) Review your order carefully with the host.
  • Don’t miss out on the scones; They are amazing!
  • We didn’t order any locally grown tea and forgot to bring a box home. Don’t be lame like us!