Zillie Falls

zillie falls cover

Zillie Falls has multi-level viewing platforms and is located on the 10.5 mile Waterfall Circuit off Theresa Creek Road. Arrive at the top and see spectacular but limited views. Or take a 30-minute hike along a steep and rugged trail to get to the base platform.

zillie falls upper level
Top down view of Zillie Falls and pool.

Zillie Falls Parking

Across from the trail to Zillie Falls is a small dirt parking lot on the other side of the road. A colony of Flying Foxes is often spotted near the car park, so look up and around for these megabats.

zillie falls chicken
Large wild roosters greeted us in the carpark at Zillie Falls.

Zillie Falls Trail

The “trail” was a very short walk from the parking lot. You can practically see the guardrail on the edge of the waterfall from the start.

zillie falls sign
Zillie Falls directional sign. You’re almost there!

Don’t let the unpaved trail discourage you; it is quick and easy to reach the waterfall viewing area.

zillie falls simple path
Capturing almost all of the walking path to Zillie Falls from the sign post.

Zillie Falls

zillie falls
Watching the water cascade over the rock wall was a site to behold.

Zillie Falls is almost 100 ft tall and is a plunge type waterfall. Located in the Wooroonooran National Park, Zillie Falls is one of a dozen waterfalls to visit.

zillie falls upper level
Top down view of Zillie Falls and pool.

With keen eyes, we spotted a playful platypus swimming in the pools at the base of the fall. The sun was shining so bright that the platypus was easily visible through the freshwater.

zillie falls family
This is as close as you can get to Zillie Falls safely.

Staying behind the guardrail is a smart thing to do. When we left the area, a visitor hopped the fence and walked towards the falls’ edge, which seems too dangerous. Enjoy the views safely and keep an eye on those “more adventurous” at your party.

zillie falls rainbow
Caught a small rainbow misting from Zille Falls.

Plan on a short visit to Zillie Falls unless you take the 30-minute difficult hike down to the base. We spent about 20 minutes at the top; taking pictures, spying on a swimming platypus, and enjoying nature.


  • Wear good shoes if you plan on hiking down to the base.
  • The hike is steep. Remember what goes down, must come up. You should be fit for this climb.
  • Bring a high-quality camera.
  • Look for wildlife, not only at the falls, but at the carpark.
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