Meow Wolf Denver: Is it worth the price?

Meow wolf Eemia kaleidogothic cathedral
The world called Eemia is a frozen environment with the kaleidogothic cathedral and a few mech devices you can climb into and experience.

If you are looking for unique things to do near Denver Colorado, then Meow Wolf Denver will likely be on your short list. This immersive art experience offers a kaleidoscope of creativity, mystery, and mind-bending art installations. In this review, we’ll take you on our captivating journey through Meow Wolf Denver, while uncovering its fascinating history and sharing our insights about the exhibits and the price.

Meow wolf Numina Cosmohedron
In the Meow Wolf worlds the Cosmohedron is the nucleus of Numina.

The History of Meow Wolf Denver

Meow Wolf began its artistic journey in 2008, when a group of passionate artists and creatives came together to redefine the boundaries of immersive storytelling. Meow Wolf Denver is now their third installation with another in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is a theme/storyline the interweaves all three locations.

Meow Wolf angler truck
Like most of the art exhibits at Meow Wolf, this installation didn’t have a name, but I call this the “Angler Truck” after the fish it resembles.

Exploring Meow Wolf

As we stepped into the mesmerizing world of Meow Wolf Denver, we were instantly transported to another dimension (which is part of the storyline.) The interactive exhibits, vibrant colors, and surreal landscapes offered an enchanting escape from reality. From crawling through hidden passages to solving mysteries and uncovering secret rooms, there was never a dull moment. Our imaginations soared as we immersed ourselves in the awe-inspiring installations.

Meow wolf Numina land
The scale of the art exhibit within Numina was quite impressive! This is a three story, multi-platform open concept.
Meow wolf Numina creatures
In the world of Numina we discovered gravity defying creatures on the ceiling I liked to call “spider pigs”!
Meow Wolf Numina Rapunzel
What if Repunzel was trapped in Numina? I think she’d look just like this exhibit!
Meow wolf bus
The sun valley bus on C street is also a entrance into the auto sound room.
Meow Wolf C Street Auto Sounds
Fill a room with deconstructed car parts, street signs, and musical instruments, then time it to seemingly random rhythmic sounds, and you start to get an idea of this art exhibit.

Creativity and Imagination on full display

Meow Wolf Denver goes beyond traditional art exhibits, empowering visitors to become active participants in the creative process. The interactive nature of the installations fosters imagination and encourages exploration. Whether you’re painting on a digital canvas, playing with light and sound, or unraveling intricate narratives, Meow Wolf Denver offers a one-of-a-kind platform to unleash your creativity.

Meow wolf C Street pizza entrance
This modest staircase is the entrance to a very twisted pizza parlor similar to a large rodent but way funkier!
Meow wolf guide
Throughout the art exhibit, you will encounter a few guides. They are “helpful” but with a twist. This guide provided us with a QPass after performing a magic trick.
Meow wolf Qpass
The QPass are cards that allow you to interact with various elements within the art exhibit. There is a complete sub-story you can explore with these cards as well.
Meow Wolf C Street Mister Corner
This convenience store clerk was the first time we used a Qpass to “store a memory”. Memories are a whole underlying story in Meow Wolf Convergence.
Meow Wolf Alpaca Pinata
I sometimes feel bad if I don’t use the proper names for an artist exhibit. However, since there were no names, presented call this one the “alpaca piñata”
Meow wolf Denver library
The library is a fun room within the Ossuary world.

A word of warning on satanic symbolism

For 90% of the experience, the exhibit is fun, creative and free of political, spiritual, or cultural agendas. However, that other 10% is worth mentioning if you are brining children and/or sensitive to spiritual elements.

I didn’t take any pictures of those areas but there are a few rooms with a occult symbols and a few “almost” occult symbols.

Was Meow Wolf Denver worth the price?

At the time of this writing a ticket to Meow Wolf Convergence Station costs anywhere from $45 – $55. For a family of 4, that’s well over $200 for this art exhibit. (They offer a $5 discount for children) Compare that to a museum like the Guggenheim, where you can see actual Picassos at $30 adult ($19/child) and Meow Wolf Denver starts looking a little overpriced.

Meow Wolf C Street Observation
Off one of the side rooms of C Street, is a curious exhibit lots of old radio and television tubes with detailed dioramas.
About our
rating of Meow Wolf Denver | Convergence Station
Meow Wolf Denver's Convergence Station gets a 3.5 out of 5 from us. It's a feast for the eyes with all its creative and colorful art. However, some areas had occult symbolism that are not our cup of tea. Also, the tickets are a bit pricey, so keep that in mind. Overall, it's a pretty cool experience but has a couple of drawbacks.