Tjapukai Aboriginal Dinner Show

Tjapukai light fire
After finishing a magnificent dinner feast, we were led by Tjapukai warriors down a path towards the Night Fire Corroboree. With the stillness of the night, the lighting of the torches built much anticipation for what was in store.

Whenever we travel to a new region, we desire to learn about and experience their native culture. After our earlier experience with the Pamagirri Cultural Center, we were excited to learn more.

At Tjapukai we experienced one of the world’s oldest cultures through music, dance, and legends of Dreamtime passed down generationally. Experiencing this corroboree was similar to the Polynesian feasts: Hawaiian luau, Fijian lovo, or the Maori hangi in New Zealand.

Welcoming Reception

Parking was free and located right outside the main building. An employee was waiting at a table inside to check us in and give our table assignment.

tjapukai dinner show lobby
Entering into the lobby where guests enjoy the pre-show beverages and canapes.

We arrived 20 minutes early to go to the gift shop, but the lobby was already open for the guests. It was nice to spend the extra time relaxing and enjoying the facility. The drinks were delicious and the appetizers (known as canapes) were all tasty.

tjapukai night fire canapes drinks
Welcome drinks and canapes were included with the tickets for the Tjapukai dinner show.

Welcome drinks and canapes at the Tjapukai Night Fire consist of various wines, fruit juices, beet relish on toast, emu with squash puree, and marinated cucumber bites.

tjapukai art
In the lobby of Tjapukai you can enjoy beautiful native artwork.

We enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere Tjapukai created. Strolling the halls filled with the history of the Aboriginal people, we sipped our welcome drinks and snacked on savory appetizers.

tjapukai cultural center tools
Tools used by the Indigenous people are displayed on the lobby of Tjapukai.

Australian Inspired Dinner

Tjapukai’s dinner was fabulously created to bring the taste of local foods with a gourmet touch.

tjapukai dinner show dining area
Inside the Flametree Restaurant, numbered tables were pre-arranged for guests to enjoy their buffet dinner and didgeridoo show
tjapukai dinner buffet
The buffet line was never too long and there was always plenty of food.

The Tjapukai dinner buffet consisted of different salads, loaves of bread, crocodile ribs, kangaroo fillets, chicken, pork, prawns, fruits and steamed vegetables, rice, noodles, soup, and a variety of desserts.

tjapukai night fire kangaroo meat
Delicious kangaroo meat served buffet style at the Tjapukai Night Fire dinner.
tjapukai night fire crocodile ribs
Crocodile ribs marinated in a savory sauce was one of the tastiest dishes served at the Tjapukai dinner buffet.
tjapukai night fire chicken
Broiled chicken in a flavorful herb broth was a delightful option for those not as adventurous in eating.
tjapukai dinner fruit platter
The fresh fruit at the Tjapukai Night Fire dinner buffet was juicy, delicious, and beautifully presented.
tjapukai night fire desserts
A variety of desserts served at the Tjapukai dinner show.

The favorite food of the night was the kangaroo fillets and crocodile ribs. The boys kept going back for more of the flavorful meats. The entire dinner was delicious and worth it.

tjapukai dinner show tables
Dinner Tables set up for the Tjapukai Night Fire celebration in the Flametree Restaurant.

During the dinner feast at Tjapukai, we were entertained by a didgeridoo musician who added humor to the one-man show.

tjapukai dinner show
Dinner performance in the Flametree Restaurant.

The Corroboree

Outside at Tjapukai, we enjoyed learning about the Indigenous rainforest people, listened to their Dreamtime stories, and learned songs at the Corroboree.

tjapukai outside night show
Traditional fire making ceremony at Tjapukai.

The crowd participation during the show was a highlight of the evening. We learned musical chants and watched guests try to start a fire by rubbing sticks together.

tjapukai face painting
Participate in the Indigenous face painting to “link you to their traditional land”.
tjapukai participation
Join in on the fun! Everyone was handed clap sticks to participate in the night’s event.
tjapukai night fire making
Aboriginal fire-making ceremony.

During the corroboree at the Night Fire show, a flaming spear was thrown onto the hillside, creating a fiery blast that filled the night sky.

tjapukai night fire explosion
During the corroboree at the Night Fire show, a flaming spear was thrown onto the hillside, creating a fiery blast that filled the night sky.

Night Fire Dance Show

Sounds of the didgeridoo and the voices of the Indigenous performers filled the amphitheater. The lighting and fire effects added to the grandiosity of the dance show.

tjapukai night fire show
Dances depict traditional elements of the Aboriginal land and people.
tjapukai aboriginal dance
Traditional Aboriginal dance depicting native wildlife to Australia.
tjapukai night show aboriginal
Dancers performance depicts cassowary birds among other animals native to Australia’s outback and rainforest.

We loved our evening at Tjapukai and learning more about the traditions and history of the Indigenous people. I was nervous that the timing of the shows would feel rushed (according to their website), but it didn’t at all. Every aspect of the night was unique in its way and well organized.


  • Look for discounts online before booking your tickets.
  • Arrive early. Take advantage of shopping at the gift shop and gaining more time at the welcome reception.
  • Go hungry! The food was amazing.
  • Bring a camera that takes great night photos.
  • Participate when it is called for… you will have more fun and connect to their culture.