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rudys bar-b-q inside

House-made dry spices, slow-cooking oak-fired smokers, and house-made specialty “sause” (their spelling, not mine) bring the taste of real southern barbecue to this country store. Rudy’s Bar-B-Q is a Texas-based restaurant and country store chain with locations throughout Texas, as far west as Pheonix Arizona, and as far north as Colorado.

rudys bar-b-q drinks
Long queue before getting to the counter.

Patriotic and festive decor, old road signs, country store items for sale, and following the wafting smells of barbecue to order our dinner, there is a log to take in when you walk into a Rudy’s.

rudys bar-b-q menu
Menu for Rudy’s Bar-B-Q in Texas.

Their meat (besides the chicken and sausage links) is served in half-pound portions, and with our family’s adventurous and hearty appetites, we weren’t sure what to order. The staff was patient, friendly, and helped us piece together a delicious dinner with a variety of their most popular items.


rudys bar-b-q dinner
Delicious southern bbq dinner with brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs, cream corn, and beans.

The baby back ribs were tender, flavorful, and practically fell off the bone. The beef brisket was just as tender and smoky, with a crisp and savory edge. The cream corn was delicious, sweet, and not too thick or watery.

rudys bar-b-q loaded potato
Rudy’s Bar-B-Q smoked chicken on top of a loaded baked potato.

The loaded potatoes were HUGE! And the smoked turkey meat was amazing! I’d suggest getting the sour cream on the side because it was a lot, but it was so good. The Rudy’s beans were filled with flavor and beef brisket bits, savory and a little spicy.


Of course, we had to end the meal with a palate-pleasing dessert. They had house-made peach cobbler and single servings of chocolate or banana pudding. The banana pudding was delicious. However, we weren’t big fans of the peach cobbler because it tasted too much like canned peaches.

rudys bar-b-q apple cobbler
Peach cobbler and banana pudding; in their ready-to-go cups.


The festive, Americana atmosphere of Rudy’s Bar-B-Q added to our Texan trip. The picnic-style tables, topped with their signature seasonings and “sause”, made for a comfortable and friendly dining hall experience.

rudys bar-b-q interior
Inside picnic seating at Rudy’s Bar-B-Q.
rudys bar-b-q set table
Paper mats and trays to eat on, picnic tables and paper towels are all a part of the relaxed atmosphere inside Rudy’s Bar-B-Q.

Eating Texan barbecue is a must while visiting this southern state, and while I wouldn’t claim Rudy’s was the best, it exceeded our expectations as a chain establishment. We had a lot of fun trying different meats and “sauses” and enjoying a family dinner.


  • Get recommendations from the staff while ordering your food.
  • Use the paper trays located at the condiment bar to help portion out the family-style meal.
  • Grab extra paper towels located in dispensers throughout the restaurant.
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